Internet telephone

Internet telephone, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a service that transmits phone calls over the internet, instead of using the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). The advantages of internet telephone are that it is cheaper than regular long-distance calls, and it has more advanced features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, blocking spam calls, voice mail transcription, etc.

Access control system

Face recognition access control terminal relies on deep learning algorithm, with fast and accurate recognition speed. It has various appearances, suitable for different scenarios, and uses “intelligence” to achieve effective control of entrances and exits.


Mining is an important pillar industry of the national economy, as well as a high-risk, high-energy consumption, and high-pollution industry. In order to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental protection of mines, and achieve the digitalization, intelligence, and greening of mines, the mining CCTV project came into being. The mining CCTV project refers to the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology to monitor and analyze the production, safety, and environmental conditions of mines in real time, and realize an intelligent system that comprehensively perceives, interconnects, analyzes, decides, learns, predicts, and collaborates with mines. The main objectives of the mining CCTV project are: Through the CCTV system, monitor the production parameters of the mine in real time, such as ore grade, output, equipment operation status, etc., and provide data support for the production management and optimization of the mine. Through the CCTV system, monitor the safety conditions of the mine in real time, such as mine ventilation, gas concentration, fire warning, etc., and provide information support for the safety prevention and emergency disposal of the mine. Through the CCTV system, monitor


Our radar solutions are a vehicle-to-object awareness system suitable for vehicles operating on surface mines as an additional feature. The system significantly improves traffic awareness, alerting you of imminent dangers in your surroundings, such as trees, buildings and other objects.    

Association held the first National Day Fun Sports Meeting in Johannesburg,

On October 1, 2022, the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association held the first National Day Fun Sports Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. A total of 7 teams participated in this event, representing the financial, energy, mining, manufacturing, communications, transportation, and infrastructure industries. Feiding Group’s South Africa Company attended and participated in this event on behalf of the mining industry. The fun sports meeting is a new sport that combines traditional sports competitions and interesting activities that arouse people’s interest. It is between sports and fun games, integrating sports, culture, and fun intelligence factors. This fun sports meeting consists of three parts: opening ceremony, fun sports project competition, and group photo after the game. The opening ceremony of the sports meeting began with everyone standing up and singing “The March of the Volunteers”. Then everyone enjoyed the erhu solo and the group basketball cheerleading. After the warm-up performances, the exciting team entrance show followed. As the slogan of the mining representative team sounded “Low-key, low-key, mining is here, no applause, just scream.” The screams at the venue were one after

Afritop Group was invited to participate in the 2023 Mining Compliance

Seminar and Exchange Meeting held by the Mining Committee of the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association on November 11, 2023. The purpose of this event was to promote cooperation between South Africa and China in the mining sector and improve the compliance level of participating enterprises. The Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Representative Office in South Africa, the Legal and Compliance Department of the South Africa Economic and Trade Association, and representatives of major mining and related enterprises in South Africa gathered together to discuss the latest trends and challenges of mining compliance. The national chairman of the South African Labour Law Association and representatives of various well-known law firms gave in-depth explanations on several key issues, including: employment law, mine health and safety, strikes and improper conduct during strikes, compliance requirements and consequences of violations of the mining charter, etc. The representative of the South African Ministry of Mines explained in detail the policy requirements and expectations of the Ministry of Mines for

seagle Company Holds 2023 Annual Meeting

At the meeting, Mr. Hui Quanbao, Chairman of the Company, delivered a visionary speech, highly affirming and praising the company’s breakthrough achievements in 2023, expressing heartfelt thanks for the company’s outstanding contributions in epidemic prevention and control, market expansion, product innovation, management improvement and other aspects, and making clear arrangements for the company’s development direction and strategic planning in 2024. Mr. Hui pointed out that 2023 was the year of transformation for seagle Company, which actively responded to the national carbon neutrality goal and launched a series of green development strategies, including: increasing R&D investment, developing low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient new products and new technologies; strengthening supply chain management, achieving green procurement, production, logistics and recycling throughout the process; strengthening social responsibility, participating in public welfare activities, supporting the development of education, health, environmental protection and other fields; strengthening employee training, enhancing employees’ green awareness and ability; strengthening communication and cooperation with customers, partners, government, society and other parties, and jointly promoting green transformation and sustainable development. Mr. Hui said that 2024 will be the year of leapfrogging for

Crime-preventing tech to lead the digital police force

Budget cuts, new digital technologies as well as an evolving security landscape are forcing the police to review how it delivers services and what services are appropriate for the future. While today’s police leaders understand there is no “silver-bullet” solution, some forward-thinking forces are eager to embrace operational, technological, organisational and cultural change to help overcome the challenges of today and prepare for the even greater challenges of tomorrow. Today digital technologies are compressing police reaction times and have set the stage for technologies such as social media, mobile and analytics to become game-changing forces for policing in the future. While technology alone is not the answer, there is now a growing industry consensus that technology transformation must be part of the overall solution. Prioritising technology adoption can prevent crimes and provide faster responses to citizens The police forces who adopt and integrate new technologies into their operations will become the police forces of the future – and what others will be modelling themselves after in the years to come. To keep our cities and citizens safe, law enforcement must

Artificial Intelligence all over Africa

Over 2023, Artificial Intelligence has become the spearhead of a number of initiatives, industries and more. Recently, the President of Africa Cyril Ramaphosa opened up several Data Centers throughout the continent, celebrating the advancement of technological industry within Africa, in the process. Now, drones monitor the growth of crops on farmland, determining optimal times for farmland to be harvested. These agricultural drones are also used to detect the spread of disease within crops and land. Surveillance systems use artificial intelligence to monitor the paths of individuals, drawing information on them as required. Artificial Intelligence is also incorporated into traffic control, with lights changing to ensure an even flow of vehicles as they go throughout cities such as Johannesburg. Artificial Intelligence isn’t new to Africa, however, it has boomed in recent months, especially in the region of Mauritius – however, Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an exceptional rate. Experts have been asked if Africa can keep up. “This is the challenge of our times… to integrate AI into the lives of 1.4 billion people. The idea of scaling up is an

Hanwha Techwin predicts top 5 video surveillance trends for 2023

Hanwha Techwin has published its predictions for how they see the future of video surveillance heading in 2023. 1: How AI tech is used effectively In the video surveillance industry, AI has evolved to the point of reducing the frequency of false alarms and enabling accurate forensic searches based on object attributes. However, AI based on basic metadata has become commonplace and does not attract the end users to make purchases anymore. Customers now prefer reprocessed information oriented from a user’s perspective such as vehicle type statistics by period or a customer’s gender and age, rather than just merely aggregated metadata such as vehicle, gender or age data. This enables clients to find insights and make business decisions by managing the information directly. Information becomes valuable when users are able to use it efficiently. Currently, the video surveillance industry is focused on developing solutions for the efficient management of tremendous amounts of metadata collected by AI. From now on, a dashboard or a report which can collect and reproduce AI metadata and reproduce as insight or information that requests user’s