Artificial Intelligence all over Africa


Over 2023, Artificial Intelligence has become the spearhead of a number of initiatives, industries and more. Recently, the President of Africa Cyril Ramaphosa opened up several Data Centers throughout the continent, celebrating the advancement of technological industry within Africa, in the process.

Now, drones monitor the growth of crops on farmland, determining optimal times for farmland to be harvested. These agricultural drones are also used to detect the spread of disease within crops and land.

Surveillance systems use artificial intelligence to monitor the paths of individuals, drawing information on them as required.

Artificial Intelligence is also incorporated into traffic control, with lights changing to ensure an even flow of vehicles as they go throughout cities such as Johannesburg.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t new to Africa, however, it has boomed in recent months, especially in the region of Mauritius – however, Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an exceptional rate. Experts have been asked if Africa can keep up.

“This is the challenge of our times… to integrate AI into the lives of 1.4 billion people. The idea of scaling up is an important one, and needs to be done,” said Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, a pioneer of the study of AI in Africa and now rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo.

“There are very sophisticated analytic tools which can be used to identify individuals … and a potential of abuse of systems of monitoring people.”

As Artificial Intelligence and its surrounding technologies continue to evolve, Africa will see itself advancing at an incredible pace, however must continue to build the infrastructure to support the use of these technologies in so many sectors.