seagle Company Holds 2023 Annual Meeting


At the meeting, Mr. Hui Quanbao, Chairman of the Company, delivered a visionary speech, highly affirming and praising the company’s breakthrough achievements in 2023, expressing heartfelt thanks for the company’s outstanding contributions in epidemic prevention and control, market expansion, product innovation, management improvement and other aspects, and making clear arrangements for the company’s development direction and strategic planning in 2024.

Mr. Hui pointed out that 2023 was the year of transformation for seagle Company, which actively responded to the national carbon neutrality goal and launched a series of green development strategies, including: increasing R&D investment, developing low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient new products and new technologies; strengthening supply chain management, achieving green procurement, production, logistics and recycling throughout the process; strengthening social responsibility, participating in public welfare activities, supporting the development of education, health, environmental protection and other fields; strengthening employee training, enhancing employees’ green awareness and ability; strengthening communication and cooperation with customers, partners, government, society and other parties, and jointly promoting green transformation and sustainable development.

Mr. Hui said that 2024 will be the year of leapfrogging for seagle Company, which will take green innovation as the core, customer demand as the orientation, market competition as the driving force, quality and efficiency as the standard, talent team as the foundation, social responsibility as the mission, comprehensively enhance the company’s core competitiveness, achieve high-quality development, and strive to build an international first-class green enterprise.

At the meeting, seagle Company also awarded certificates of honor and bonuses to outstanding employees, teams and partners, commending their outstanding performance and contributions in the past year. At the same time, seagle Company also displayed its latest products and technologies to customers and media, including: intelligent home system based on artificial intelligence, supply chain management platform based on blockchain, intelligent logistics solution based on Internet of Things, etc., which aroused wide attention and praise.

After the meeting, seagle Company also held a wonderful dinner, inviting famous singers, actors, hosts and other guests to bring wonderful performances for everyone, making the atmosphere reach a climax.