Association held the first National Day Fun Sports Meeting in Johannesburg,


On October 1, 2022, the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association held the first National Day Fun Sports Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. A total of 7 teams participated in this event, representing the financial, energy, mining, manufacturing, communications, transportation, and infrastructure industries. Feiding Group’s South Africa Company attended and participated in this event on behalf of the mining industry.

The fun sports meeting is a new sport that combines traditional sports competitions and interesting activities that arouse people’s interest. It is between sports and fun games, integrating sports, culture, and fun intelligence factors.

This fun sports meeting consists of three parts: opening ceremony, fun sports project competition, and group photo after the game. The opening ceremony of the sports meeting began with everyone standing up and singing “The March of the Volunteers”. Then everyone enjoyed the erhu solo and the group basketball cheerleading. After the warm-up performances, the exciting team entrance show followed. As the slogan of the mining representative team sounded “Low-key, low-key, mining is here, no applause, just scream.” The screams at the venue were one after another, bringing the atmosphere of the event to a climax…

After the first part, the fun sports meeting session began. This session included paper-clamping walking, relay melon planting, and relay four-in-a-row. As the referee gave the order, the paper-clamping walking competition began. Each team arranged 4 people on both sides of the track, with a tablecloth on their heads and colored A4 paper clamped on their knees. They relayed back and forth. Time passed by, and the atmosphere on the scene became more and more tense. Finally, the game ended with the referee’s whistle. The second and third game projects went very smoothly. Each athlete showed a great sports state, worked hard for each project, united and fought hard. The cheers of the cheerleaders on the sidelines also rose and fell, the scene was lively and exciting, wonderful and colorful, and injected great spiritual power into the athletes.

The fun sports meeting was nearing its end, but the enthusiasm of everyone on the scene had not subsided. This fun sports meeting not only enriched the leisure life of Chinese people in South Africa, but also brought people closer together, enhanced cohesion and combat effectiveness, and showed the unity and harmony, healthy development of Chinese people in South Africa. Through the fun sports meeting, everyone let go of their mood, gained happiness, deepened friendship, and tempered their will.

Afritop Group congratulates the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association on the successful conclusion of the first fun sports meeting, and also looks forward to the arrival of the second fun sports meeting!