The new host embarks on the journey

The industry’s most influential annual high-performance computing event-2020 CCF National High-performance Computing Academic Annual Conference (CCF HPC CHINA 2020) will be held on September 28-30 in Zhengzhou, the ancient capital of the Central Plains, through the cloud and offline synchronization. The theme of this conference is “New Supercomputing, New Infrastructure, New Economy”.

CCF HPC CHINA 2020 is sponsored by the Chinese Computer Society, co-organized by the High Performance Computing Professional Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, Zhengzhou University, and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, and co-organized by Beijing Parallel Technology Co., Ltd. The three-day event will comprehensively review the innovation and practice in the field of high-performance computing in China in 2020, release many cutting-edge scientific research results, discuss the hot and difficult issues of high-performance computing technology and applications, and look forward to the future development trend and development of high-performance computing. Direction, to provide opportunities for exchanges and cooperation for scholars and enterprises in related fields, so as to effectively promote the development of China’s high-performance computing industry.

Heavy guests gathered to discuss the new super calculation

On the first day of the opening of the conference on September 28, on behalf of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, Wang Yimin, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, warmly welcomed friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting Zhengzhou’s technological innovation and development to come to this conference. In recent years, Zhengzhou City has unswervingly implemented the new development concept and placed scientific and technological innovation in an important position. At present, Zhengzhou is focusing on creating a higher level of high-quality development regional growth pole, and radiating to drive the development of Zhengzhou’s big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc., and these all require the help of supercomputers. Wang Yimin believes that the holding of this annual meeting in Zhengzhou will play a positive role in promoting the construction and upgrading of the Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center and the development of Zhengzhou’s digital economy industry.

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